This is what I want write:
I met Birgül some years ago in my first international competition, the European Championship in Antalya. She is a really beautiful person, very nice and kind in every moment and also a strong freediver! I hope that we can train together in some place of the world and continue to compete for long time!

Alessia Zeccihini
Serbest Dalış Derinlik ve Havuz
Dünya Rekortmeni, Dünya Şampiyonu


“Tanıdığım günden beri, gücünü, ahlakını ve disiplinini kaybetmeden, başarılarını sabır ve sükunet ile sağlayan değerli arkadaşım, serbest dalış branşında yolun açık olsun.”

Devrim Cenk ULUSOY
Serbest Dalış Dünya Rekrotmeni


“From what I’ve seen myself I can say her commitment with freediving is incredibly strong, as an athlete, training, pool, depth, competing or taking professional quality pictures, always into the sport. Shy outside and machine inside, machine to work, to eat judges while defending her performance, machine to dream and to achieve, she wasn’t born a freediving kid, she made herself that strong freediver”

Aleix Segura Vendrell
Static Apnea Guinness World Record Holder